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Explanation & comparison of listing plan features.

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This page is a detailed explanation of our listing plans.
  • Info: The free listing allows you to publish basic company information. All paid listings include basic info plus additional info.

    Both free & paid listing include: company name, company address, company type, product categories, phone and fax number, email, website URL, company introduction.

    Only paid listing include: mobile number, contact person, contact person position, social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+).

  • Categories: Categories decide what product group your company belongs to. The more categories your company is listed in, the more exposure your listing will receive and customers are more likely to see your listing. When a user checks a company in the same category as your company, your company will appear in the “related listing.”

  • Photo: The first photo/image you upload will become your feature photo, which will display in the search results. This feature image is usually your company logo. Other photos can be your products, advertisements, office building or factory view.

  • Location: Similar to category, the more locations you listed the more exposure your listing will receive when users search companies by location, or browse the “Nearby Listings.” Listing of multiple locations is useful for multinational corporations, companies that operate factory and office in different places, and company with numerous branches.

  • Review: Users can give a one-to-five star rating and leave comments. All reviews will need to be approved by Fastener Key before they are published.

contact us form example
  • Feature: A feature listing will be highlighted in search results and appear on top of single category pages (but not directory index page, which contains all listings from all categories). There are three levels of feature listing, namely low priority > normal priority > high priority feature listing. Low priority listings appear ahead of normal listings; normal priority listings appear ahead of low priority listings; and high priority listings appear ahead of normal priority listings. In addition, users can filter search results to show only feature listings.

  • Banner AD: The banner AD in Fastener Key website is not a revenue-generating source, rather, it’s a complimentary and optional tool for paid listing owners to further promote their companies. The banners are shown on blog posts (like the one you are reading now), Technical Info, Members, Forums and Discover. If the listing owner opt for this complimentary service, a banner AD of 728 x 90 px should be submitted for approval. The banner AD should be

    • .gif (animated or static), .jpg, .png format ONLY;
    • no more than 500 kb;
    • promote the same company the listing owner registers with Fastener Key.

    Fastener Key does not involve in the design of banner AD.

  • Contact us form: A contact form on your listing page, that allows members to directly send you a message. See an example on the right.

  • Attachment: You can include additional material for users to download right from your listing page, e.g. company presentation, general catalog or price list.

  • Video: You can embed YouTube or Vimeo video on your listing page to showcase your company. Examples of embedded videos are: factory/office tour, company presentation or a new product introduction.

All listings, paid or free, will need to be reviewed and approved by Fastener Key before they can be published. This is to ensure that all listings are properly formatted and provide legal, correct, up to date information.