Guide to Properly File a Listing

How to properly file a listing that gets quickly approved?

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All listings on Fastener Key, both free and paid, will be reviewed (and edited if necessary) before publication. This article will detail rules & formats the listings need to follow. Listings that contain minor rule & format violations will be edited before publication, and this process will delay the publication of your listing on Fastener Key. Listings that contain too many minor rule & format violations will be suspended until improved; these listings will be deleted if not improved after 7 days. Listings that contain major violations will be deleted.

Major Violations

These types of listings will be deleted:

  1. Illegal content;
  2. Not relevant to the fastener industry;
  3. false information.

Guide to Properly File a Listing

Company Name

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Only English and complete company name with proper capitalization should be filed.

For example:

  • Super Good Bolt Co., Ltd. is acceptable
  • Super Good Bolt Corp. is acceptable
  • Super Good Bolt is NOT acceptable (company type not specified)
  • SUPER GOOD BOLT CO LTD is NOT acceptable (all capital letters)
  • 超棒螺栓有限公司 is NOT acceptable (non-English)

It is acceptable to use DBA (doing business as) and include abbreviations on Company Name.

For example:

  • Super Good Bolt Co., Ltd. DBA StrongBolt
  • Super Good Bolt Co., Ltd. (SGB)

Non-English names can be included in the “Listing Description,” which is also searchable.


Fastener Key integrates the Google Map system. If the address you input is not found, you can select the location directly from the map and then use the “Get from map” function to retrieve the address searchable by Google Map.

Company Types

Select company typeThe “company type” is an attribute to help refine searches, and is a required field for companies who wish to list their information. A company can be more than one type. These company types are briefly defined as:

  • Manufacturer: A factory, a company that produces physical goods.
  • Distributor: A company that holds stock produced by other manufacturers. A manufacturer who maintains stock of its own production is considered a manufacturer, not a distributor. Fastener Key does not make a distinction between a retailer and a wholesaler, nor a B2B and a B2C stockist.
  • Agent / Trader: A merchant or a company who does not involve in production or stock holding. This company type includes trading house and commission agent.
  • Service Provider: A company that provides service or intangible goods, such as training, consulting and software. Companies that handle secondary processes of manufacturers, such as plating / heat treatment / coating / thread cutting / slotting are also defined as service providers.


Popular categories, such as Hex Bolt / Flat Washer / Self Tapping Screw attract a large number of visitors, but it also means more competitors will appear along side with your listing in such categories. Consider your niche market / target audience / business strategy and choose the categories carefully.

No listings are allowed under master categories. Listings submitted for master categories will be reassigned to subcategories.

Contact Numbers

Fax and phone numbers should start with the plus international dial sign, followed by country code, area code, fax/phone number.

For example: +1-660-123-4567


Subdomain names under other business portals are not acceptable. Companies without a web address will automatically be assigned one with this format:

Listing Description

The listing description should be a brief introduction of your company, products, strength, awards, certifications and any other information that helps promote your company. The description should be written in English. If this description is available in other languages, they can be added after the English version and divided by a horizontal line.

The description should not contain:

  • Links;
  • Contact information;
  • Linked image;
  • CSS code;
  • html elements not used to format text.

If you are copying and pasting content from your website or a Rich Text Format program, you should select “past as text” to avoid pasting unnecessary coding languages.


Try to optimize your images and reduce file size, as long loading time will drive away your potential customers. If you choose a paid listing plan, which allows upload of more than one image, it is best to upload your company logo as the first image. Ideally, all images should be larger than 500 x 500 pixels, clear, focused, on white background or without background. Fastener Key will reject images of poor quality.

All images uploaded should be properly named. Default files name generated by cameras, such as DSC01763.jpg, is not acceptable; instead, give the image a meaningful file name like product-group-model.jpg. Alternatively, input an image title after you upload it. It is important to take the time to rename your images because:

  1. The file name will be converted to the image title, and viewable to potential customers. It is a good chance to promote your company. When your image appears with meaningless title like DSC01763.jpg the customer will find your company unprofessional and less trustworthy. On the other hand, an image with clear and concise title helps customer understand your company/product.
  2. Proper file name improves your search ranking.