2nd International Trade Fair for Fastener and Fixing Technology

//2nd International Trade Fair for Fastener and Fixing Technology
2nd International Trade Fair for Fastener and Fixing Technology2018-07-09T13:48:07+00:00

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    FASTENER POLAND® take place 16-18 of Oct 2018 in EXPO Krakow, Poland

    2nd International Trade Fair for FASTENER and FIXING TECHNOLOGY
    16 – 18 October 2018

    The global fasteners market is experiencing dynamic growth. An increased demand for industrial fasteners and fixings can be traced to the growing use of cars, electrical appliances, industrial machines, aircraft and medical equipment, but the sector’s development is also driven by increased investment in infrastructure and mechanical engineering. Another important market for fasteners is the vibrant MRO services sector, which boosts the use of fastening elements in construction, electrical engineering, electronics and the automotive industry. The good condition of the market was attested to by the 1st edition of the FASTENER POLAND®Trade Fair, the first of event of this kind in Poland and Central Europe. Foreign companies accounted for as much as 68% of all exhibitors, arriving from countries such as China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA.

    Visitor statistics were no less impressive: 11 thousand people, 25% of them foreigners, visited FASTENER POLAND®and the accompanying EUROTOOL® Trade Fair. Visitors represented the metal processing, automotive, joinery, furniture and other industries.

    The FASTENER POLAND®Trade Fair will be accompanied by interesting seminars, workshops and conferences, including the 2nd edition of the Fasteners Congress. Recruited from among top industry experts, speakers will discuss the latest solutions in the use and application of fasteners and specialist tools. Participants in the first edition of the Congress, entitled “Innovations in Joining Mechanics” rated the agenda and speaker presentations very highly.

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