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72 Struben Street, Pretoria, South Africa
+27 12 328 3666+27 12 328 3666
+27 12 328 3669
Established in 1974, we specialise in fasteners and hand tools and offer you the convenience of an extensive range with an excellent delivery and export service. We are distributors for many South ...
Discount Screw Corporation.png
Pomona, New York 10970, United States
+1 (800) 431-2391+1 (800) 431-2391
+1 (845) 354-4377
DISCOUNT SCREW CORPORATION is a privately held family owned company. Along with our sister company, AMERICAN IMPERIAL SCREW CORPORATION, we have been selling fasteners for over 75 years. Combined, ...
Zhuji Tiansheng Standard Components Factory.jpg
Zhuji Shi, Huangshanzhen, Shaoxing Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China
Zhuji Tiansheng Standard Components Factory (诸暨市天盛标准件厂) is both manufacturer and export company that specializing in special fasteners, such as wing nuts, wing screws, thumb screws, etc. F...
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