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Nosta GmbH.png
An der Bahn 5 D-89420 Höchstädt Deutschland
+49 (0) 9074 / 42-0+49 (0) 9074 / 42-0
+49 (0) 9074 / 42-117
Responsibility stays in the family Since it was founded in 1976, Nosta GmbH has been based in the Bavarian town of Höchstädt an der Donau. From here we deliver to customers all over the world and m...
Erwin Halder KG.png
Erwin-Halder-Straße 5-9, Bronnen 88480 Achstetten, Germany
+49 7392 7009-0+49 7392 7009-0
+49 7392 7009-160
A competent partner… High flexibility, high precision and efficient production are the demands of a highly dynamic and complex market we and our customers are facing. Due to our high quality ...
Jiaxing CNS Metal Co., Ltd..png
Haiyan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
JIAXING CNS METAL CO., LTD. located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient, engaged in fasteners, channel fittings, metal stamping part...
Zhejiang Xinchun Fastening Piece Co., Ltd..jpg
7 Feng Ling Jie, Liandu Qu, Lishui Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 323000
+86 578 2086721+86 578 2086721
+86 578 2086722
To connect firmly to the whole world, and to build a common shared future! Zhejiang Xinchun Fastening Piece Co., Ltd (浙江信纯紧固件制造有限公司) is an enterprise specializing in producing various ...
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