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Zarri S.r.l.
Via Provinciale Nord, 43, 40050 Castello D'argile, BO, Italy
+39 051 977207+39 051 977207
+39 051 976201
ZARRI S.r.l. is located 20 km north of Bologna (Italy). Founded in 1973 by Angelo and Franca Zarri, it is specialized in the manufacturing of articles obtained from metallic wire in diameters betwe...
Haiyan H&C All Thread Manufacturing Co., Ltd..png
Unnamed Road, Haiyan Xian, Jiaxing Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China
Haiyan Allthread Manufacturing Company – HAMCO – is a modern, professional manufacturer of threaded rods, engineering studs, chemical anchor studs and tie rods. It is a member of the Br...
Gel di Giussani Enrico & Luigi s.n.c..png
via Giuseppe Verdi, 47 CAP 20837 Veduggio con Colzano (MB) Italia
+39 0362 998700+39 0362 998700
+39 0362 910551
GEL Giussani – specialised in metal wire forming since 1968 Created in 1968, GEL directly manufactures alloy steel and stainless steel wire formed products. GEL Giussani production facilities are l...
Haydon Bolts, Inc..jpg
1181 Unity Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124, United States
Haydon Bolts, Inc., an AISC Associate member company, is a family owned manufacturer that specializes in domestic “Melted and Manufactured in the U.S.” structural bolts and anchor rods since 1864. ...
Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Company, Inc..jpg
3441 NW Guam St, Portland, OR 97210, USA
+1 (503) 227-5488+1 (503) 227-5488
+1 (503) 227-4634
Portland Bolt provides anchor bolts and nonstandard construction fasteners directly to contractors, steel fabricators, OEMs, and other construction-related companies worldwide. We manufacture and g...
Atlanta Rod & Mfg. Co., Inc..png
144 Schokbeton Rd. Lavonia, Georgia 30553, United States
+1 (706) 356-4446+1 (706) 356-4446
+1 (706) 356-1842
Capabilities We have the capability to forge bolts from 3/8” to 4” and hot form nuts from 3/8” to 4” diameter for standard fasteners and customized specialty and non-standard products. We have an i...
Threadline Products, Inc..jpg
3346 Pelton Street, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States
Threadline has proudly served the construction industry since 1984. We have the technical expertise to meet your specifications. We are listed with the state of North Carolina as a W.B.E./S.B.E./D....
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